Summer of Skateboarding 2018 schedule coming soon! 

You can join us at the Louisville Skatepark, the 40,000 sqft Arvada (APEX) SkateparkErie’s Street League Certified Skatepark, through Lafayette at the Bob Burger Rec Center, The Wheat Ridge Rec Center, through the Thornton Rec Center and the Carpenter Skatepark, in Denver through 303 Boards, and our “Satellite” camp in Boulder through Satellite Board Shop.  Register for our programs online by clicking the location above.  If that fails, just show up with your skateboard, helmet, water bottle and plenty of energy and we’ll get you all set up! 

Square State Skate also offers skateboard lessons or “Saturday Sessions” every Saturday morning rotating through our locations.  The Louisville location is all drop-in and operates every Saturday.  For the other locations, check with the rec centers and register directly through them.  We operate all year long, even in winter.  These Saturday Sessions are an hour and a half long (9-10:30) and costs just $20. 

We take a community approach to learning and often play group games (skate soccer, skate dodgeball, etc) to hone skills such pushing, turning, stopping and keeping balance.  More advanced skaters are given challenges and incentives and can spend more direct time with jr. counselors to focus on advanced tricks.

We focus on all ages and skill levels and have jr. counselor who assist so that every child gets the attention they need.  Our programs are sponsored by 7 local core skateshops as well as many major skateboard companies.  With that, the kids get prizes and incentives for trivia questions and skill challenges.

Brian helping Noah with his first drop-in
Skate Dodgeball

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