“Thanks Brian(and Ric), your camps have been the highlight of the year. Caleb’s confidence both on and off his skateboard has really improved. You all work some kind of magic with my boy.” -Caleb and his mom Dorian

“Can’t say enough about Square State Skate camp, our little guy has been going to the skate camp for 2 years now, and will continue to go. He is so excited every morning to get out of the car and ride! They do a variety of activities every day and Ric and Brian, the coaches are perfect for the job. Also, because of Square State Skate, we now only buy Gabe’s skate products from local skate shops, because they really promote buying locally, by skaters for skaters!
Thanks Square State… you guys really make our summer.” -Jessica (and Gabe) K.

“Thanks again for offering the skate camp yesterday.  You guys do such an awesome job.
I stayed for a few minutes after bringing Zach – just to listen.  I love the way you *speak* to the kids!  You talk to them in a way they can understand and relate to, but without babying them.  And you guys are so patient and understanding!  I have more confidence leaving Zach in your care than many of the other camps, extracurricular activities, and coaches we have experienced.
Thanks for your great programs, and for positively representing the skate community!” –
Gena W.

I wanted you to know that Jacob is enjoying skateboard camp again this summer with Brian as instructor.  He is terrific with the kids – just the right mix of encouragement and ‘take it at your own pace’ for each of them.  Some of us are just meant to teach kids, and I think Brian has the gift.” – Alicia M.

A couple of weeks ago something monumental happened in our family: Jacob “dropped in”.  It was one of those things that happened to all of us.  It was something he really wanted to do but just couldn’t for a while. 

So thank you for being there when he was ready and being there when he wasn’t ready.  Reaching this milestone for Jacob had everything to do with knowing you guys were there for him to have fun doing whatever he was most comfortable doing.  He loves skateboarding and he loves skateboarding with you.” – Alicia M.

Thank you for being so kind to Eric. Your kindness, and YOU, are greatly appreciated. Eric talks about you all the time. You are both ‘awesome’ and ‘epic’ in his words.” – Chrisanne S.

Love what you guys do. Definitely down to support the Square State program.” – Damon, DLX Distribution

Thank you again so much for providing a great camp this week.  Finn learned a lot and really enjoyed it.” – Judi M.

Laird is SOOOO excited about helping out with the younger kids on Saturdays or whenever you need him.  Thanks for your coaching and enthusiasm with the kids.  It’s much appreciated.” – Kendra M.

Brian and Neil are extraordinary teachers and mentors. They create a learning experience that is very fun and supportive while teaching the kids how to be the best people they can be. My son has been attending their classes and camps for over a year and he will continue to participate in whatever they offer.” – Julie H.


  1. It has been very exciting watching Xman develop his skateboarding! You guys bring something different to the table and are extremely good with the kids. Love it when Xman comes back from class or camp and has grin from ear to ear! “Dropped in a bowl today, Dad!”

  2. Thank you for offering a non-camp, camp and for teaching the kids to be skaters and ladies and gentlemen! Seriously impressed with the minimal rules, yet control, diversity and entertainment your crew provides. It’s the only camp Gordy and Rowan want to do in the summer. Besides learning skills they witness good role models. Keep it up! – Patty & Stix

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