Square State Skate works in conjunction with local skate shops and skateboard companies. Eight “core” skateshops in the Front Range area offer discounts and incentives to members of the Square State Skate community, including Meta Skateshop and Satellite Board Shop in Boulder, Sol Skateshop in Longmont, Community Board Shop in Arvada, Crisis Skateshop in Broomfield, The Skateboard Commission in Thornton, Public Eye Skateboards in Erie and The Skateboard Market in Fort Collins.

Square State Skate has also teamed up with Null Skateboards, a local skateboard manufacturer, who provides discounts and incentives to our junior counselors. Sponsored riders from Null Skateboards, Meta Skateshop, Community Board Shop and Crisis Skateshop, have all joined us in some of our Saturday Sessions and have held demos and BBQ events for our kids.

Many of the largest skateboard manufacturers in the world have also assisted us with product and prizes for our weekly trivia challenges. DLXSF, the distribution company for Real Skateboards, Krooked and Anti-Hero Skateboards, Thunder Trucks and Spitfire Wheels, sends us product to share with the kids. We have also received trucks, bearings, shirts and other assorted prizes from Independent TrucksStrangebird Dist has been coming through recently with some stuff from Think Skateboards, Heavy Wheels and Bloodwizard Skateboards.  Vans Shoes helps us out a bunch and not only sends us a bunch of swag, but have also donated several pairs of shoes for our kids.  Other companies that help us out include Vox Shoes, Lowcard and TomYeto, the parent company of Toy Machine, Foundation Skatebords and Pig Wheels. 

These companies recognize the work we are doing in our community and help to keep the kids riding good, safe, quality equipment. As we continue to grow, these companies have agreed to continue their support and increase their participation.

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