We are owned and operated by professional role models as well as sponsored skateboarders.

noah drop inBrian Ball, Owner/Director

Brian has been working with children for over a decade and is an employee of the Boulder Valley School District, working as a paraeducator at the elementary level.  Prior to that, he was an Associate Program Director for the YMCA of Boulder Valley.  Brian started skateboarding in 1985 and has not stopped.  He has had a few sponsors over the years, has appeared in several videos and in nearly every major skateboard publication, including Thrasher Magazine, SLAP and Lowcard.  These days, Brian most enjoys sessions with the kids… watching them learn gain new skills, learn tricks and gain confidence.

Ric tailblockRic Widenor, Director

Ric has been working with teens and children for 22 years and has been creating youth skate programs since 2001.  He has worked with the Boulder Valley School District and created the skateboarding program for the YMCA of Boulder Valley, directing the program for 11 years.  He also instructs snowboarding for all ages and abilities at Eldora Mountain Resort.  He also served as Head Skate Coach for Woodward at Copper’s summer camp.  While Ric has appeared in Thrasher Magazine and a variety of skate videos, he is most proud of being able to lead, teach and develop hundreds of child and teen skaters, several of whom are now professional skateboarders.

david biddle

David Biddle, Director

David Biddle began skateboarding at the age of 14 after moving on from other extreme sports.  He got a job with the YMCA in 2006 working with Ric Widenor in the skateboarding programming.  David worked his way up the skateboarding department and worked alongside Ric as the Assistant Director for six years and then the Director for a year. After leaving the YMCA, David took some time to travel the world with his skateboard and gained unique skateboarding experiences that he enjoys sharing with others. David takes pride in his ability to work with kids both on and off their skateboards and he thoroughly enjoys watching children grow and become great little skateboarders with his help and guidance.


Ted Heron, Director

Ted started working with Square State Skate two summers ago and has quickly shown his fantastic ability to work with youngsters and lead and instruct groups.  His organization and drive have also helped grow the program into new communities.  The guy is pretty darned good at skateboarding, too, and has very unique style.  Interestingly, Ted has also proven to be a very capable insect identifier.


IMG_0124Collin Wederquist

Collin was first introduced to a skateboard at the age of eight years old and has not been able to put it down since!  He has been with Square State Skate since summer 2014 after he displayed his ability to work with children while volunteering at an A-Skate event, helping kids with autism find confidence through skateboarding.  Collin has also participated in many peer mentoring groups through high school, as well as always keeping an eye out for ways to help others. But he’s also not afraid to make a fool of himself for a good laugh.



Kyle Morris

Kyle has been skating for over 15 years and is starting his second year with Square State Skate.  Along with some amazing skills on board, Kyle also has a calm but funny demeanor with the kids.



IMG_7123Blake Renjilian

Blake has been skating for 7 or 8 years… Who knows? I guess math is not his strongest suit. He was one of the first Square State Skate participants and has worked his way into a job.  We just can’t seem to shake the kid!  He has been officially working with Square State Skate for over 7 years now and we could not be happier to have him on board.  Blake is also an Eagle Scout and is certified in CPR and life saving as well as emergency preparedness. No, he does not have an apocalypse bunker in his backyard, but he does stockpile jokes in case of emergency. He says he loves the people that he works with and does everything he can to give back to the skateboard community.


Finn Murray

Finn is another one that first came as a participant, stayed on as a helper, and then worked his way up to being a counselor.  When asked to write up a profile, Finn responded, “When do you need it by?  I’m going to go see Star Wars again at 2:00.”   Finn’s sense of humor and ability to connect with all kiddos makes him an asset to the team.

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